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Goodfellas 2007 Yanchep Hot Rod Run

p1030763.JPGp1030765.JPGstp80110.JPGstp80112.JPGstp80148.JPGSunday morning. I feel good and the weather is looking fantastic. I am pumped up to have a great day out with hot rods. The cameras are packed and and the street hack is fueled up.. It is right now that  I wish the hot rod was finished.It is about 30 minutes drive to the starting point, a large car park at a shopping centre.  I planned to get there early to take some photos as the rods came in and before the crowds gathered.  I was early and too late at the same time. Clever huh! There was probably 60 rods and a couple of dozen streetmachines there already.The event is in its third or fourth year and has become extremely popular.  It is at a good time of year after the winter lull. The destination is great for parking-up and has attractions to see and food and drink available at the licenced inn. It only costs five bucks to enter, which gives express discounted entry into Yanchep National Park and a shot at the lucky entrant prizes.  Why wouldn’t it be popular. They also run p1030757.JPGa raffle with many great prizes.stp80157.JPGThey try to register all entrants before leaving the car park for the 50 minute cruise. This is where my day hit a low spot. With my five bucks hanging out of my paw, I engaged the registrars  to enter the event. “What car have you got?” they enquired. In a muffled voice I replied “street hack”. “Not the VOLVO, no way” was the stp80123.JPGembarrassing retort.  Damn, that was the second time in an hour that I really wanted to be back in the coupe. I grabbed my fiver back and tried to disappear into the bright sunlight.  It’s no wonder I have not attended many events since I stripped down the Willys.The cruise in my Swedish love machine was slow and steady. (because the traffic was congested!). Once at the destination, I parked in a secluded spot and got busy again with the camera.  The lawns in front of the inn were an explosion of colour. I took photos of all the rods and a few of the other vehicles.  Have a look here at the Cyber hot rodders Events Gallery for the photographs.My friend and I anap1030738.JPGlyzed the crowd and the dining facilities and decided that an early lunch would be better than a mid afternoon meal, so we ordered and ate early, which gave us plenty of time to socialize, take more photos, see the koalas, take a walk and have coffee at the specialty chocolate shop. OK, so we weakened and bought two sample chocolates. It could have been much worse without a the diet guilt hovering.All in all a great day out even without the Willys coupe.This week I will be ordering the parts require for the coupe’s motor rebuild, then back into the shed again.Seeya Cyber Hot Rodders,Hot rod Eric of Volvo fame.

Volvo, My Hot Rodding Paradox

volvo-rubbish-2-cropped.JPGI have been an active hot rodder for over 30 years. I have a confession to make. Although I cannot work out how it happened, I also own a Volvo.  What’s more, when overlooking the poor power to weight ratio of the earlier models, I am in awe of their mechanical design. Nothing tricky, just that they go for ever, don’t leak, and are a breeze to work on.  I have developed a thick skin over it. I score layers of ridicule and jest from my hot rodding peers about this choice of street hack.  Even so, I have replaced my old 500,000 mile Swedish Chick Magnet with another one.   Is that a hot rodding sin?