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Thank you for sticky-beaking my blog. This is my first crack at blogging.Today I am learning the buttons and doing a tad of typing in between. As a magazine editor, it will get better, so stay with me for now then visit again later on.The aim of this blog is to entertain readers interested in hot rodding (also called Street rodding) and anyone else who wants an education about this fantastic hobby/sport. For the uninitiated, the quickest description I can give you, is that it is theactivity of improving the performance and handling of pre 1948 cars. Now that is a VERY simple explanation. As a hobby, for the real buff, it is almost addictive. For me it is a creative outlet and a connection with many wonderful people. For those involved in going to events, it is a wonderful social experience. To the DIY rod builder, a completed hot rod project is a monument to creativity and self achievement. It can be trophies, it can be fast time at the drags, it can be a holidaying experience, an occupation or lifestyle. You can pick your flavor and eat as much as you want to! The sport has many facets that have evolved over the years. At times, almost completely separated from one another as each facettook its own direction, yet most hot rodders can appreciate or even participate in other segments of the sport. After all, it did all originally stem from the same need for speed. It was a post WWII addiction based upon hotting up early 1930’s Fords, especially the first V8s that were available from 1932 onwards. Out of the illegal street racing and many confrontations with the law came the safer legal “drag strips” and a whole new sport and industry was created. Out of the need to squeeze the maximum possible speed out of engineering experimentation, that was not limited to the length of a track, came “speed trials” held on the vast flats of several dry salt lakes in USA.Today the various facets include Hot Rodding which caters for pre 1948 street licensed rods and show cars, Drag racing (historic/nostalgia) and Salt lake speed trials. Most hot rodders  appreciate the other variants, especially these days when the speed trials are as popular as ever and many of the vehicles are based on pre 1948 models and also drag racing, with the introduction of nostalgia drag racing for older cars using older style performance equipment.Another variant of our hobby we call “Customs” which is based predominantly 1948-1964 cars. This is much the same as hot rodding but is focussed heavily on bodywork modifications on these larger predominantly 1950’s models.What about me?My interest centers upon Street rodding. I have been involved since I was still at school. One hot rod magazine and my Fathers “bonding” project with a free 1950 Vauxhall sedan, triggered it off.I have owned the same hot rod (not the Vauxhall) since first leaving school, when I bought it as a $30.00 hacked up rusted shell that no one else wanted.  It is a 1939 Willys coupe, one of the ugliest cars built by mankind. A car only a mother would love, but due to todays trends towards all things nostalgic and Willys’ place in early 1960’s drag racing history, it is a much sort after vehicle amongst the converted brethren. I have also owned a 1934 Plymouth Sedan. I still have a partially rebuilt 1956 Buick Super convertible that was my street hack while first building the Willys coupe. Then was also a 1952 Vauxhall Vagabond tourer, an English Breed with GM styling.I have been a member of the same hot rod club since at school. I have been President, Secretary, bottle washer and everything in between. The club has its own monthly magazine of which I am currently editor. I was also editor back in the 70’s pre computer days. Man, things have changed. Typewriters, stencils and Gestetner copiers! No colors, no pictures and ink everywhere. Now it is time to Cyber Hot Rod.!Cyberhotrodders is the next phase of my hot rodder life. Sure I do other stuff too.  There are plenty of blank pages on this blog to elaborate on that further in the future.  See the ABOUT  page!Stay well.  Eric.