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AB’s 50th Birthday Party.

AB Jnr and Allan wellsIt’s not everyday that someone turns 50 years old. I fact, it’s only one day each if you are lucky enough to make it.woody-barton.JPG

Last weekend hot rodder AB jnr (Alan Barton) had his 50th birthday party. AB Snr had his over 20 years ago. I wasn’t invited to that one.eric-and-gibby.JPGThe party had a “red” theme most likely to match the colour of his hot rod.  That meant that everyone who got the email was to wear something in red and most attendees did.  Yours truly had nothing red at home so had to hire some red clothing from a fancy shop as did partner Denise.  On arrival at the party, one guest thought I was a “Singing Telegram” about to spew out a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday to you”.  Fotunately, I was not, just one of about 80 attendees at the party. If need be, I can sing, ask the neighbour’s dog.The evening was typical of a large group of hot rodders and modellers who have known each other for up to 40 years, getting to talk about our favourite topics and the good ol’ days.  There was ample good food, about 5,000 large cakes (approx) and minimal speeches. A good combo and great night.jr-and-chock.JPGAB is a long-time hot rodder from Perth, Western Australia. His infamous “Rain Maker” red 29 A roadster was owner built and dom-murray-archie.JPGfinished in 1983 and still driven regularly.  AB has held most major positions in hot rodding in the state and in  West Coast Street Rod Club. He is currently Editor of “Rod Tork”, a news letter for the Western Australian members of the ASRF.(Australian Street Rodding Federation)

Another Exciting Weekend in the Life of a Hot Rodder

               It’s not every weekend that one finds the time and opportunity to just be a bloke and pursue his hot rod interests.p1030778.JPGp1030802.JPGI must admit, my 21 year old daughter who grew up in such an environment, rolled her eyes back when I explained what a good weekend I had planned.  Well, she did ask.Friday night after work I squeezed in about 5 hours of engine reassembling on the 350 Chev, in preparation to put it back into the coupe for the last time, for a long time, I hope. The motor was getting new bearings and rings and the heads were being prepared to run with LP Gas. I also fitted a new low rev-hi torque camshaft to help out with the  high cogs in the new 9″diff.  That was Friday night and part of Saturday, before going to a shed warming party at Big Al’s to celebrate his new shed and surrounds being completed at his new house.p1030781.JPGNext hot rod activity, was the official low key opening of a new Äuto One” auto parts store. The business is being started by some  fellow members and old friends from the West Coast Street Rod Club that I have known  for a squillion years.  Naturally the opening was well advertised to local hotrodders and a show n shine was held in front of the store.  Naturally I took a few happy snaps for the Events photo gallery.p1030789.JPGp1030808.JPGThe guys and gals had hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks available. Later in the afternoon there was a monster raffle with free tickets and plenty of prizes to around. All in all a great day to catch up with the guys.Engine building, garage warming, checking out hot rods and bench racing…all in one weekend.  Why did she roll her eyes for?p1030792.JPGCheck out the Cyberhotrodder photo gallery here.Eric warren

Need more hot rod in my life.

With the excitement of last week’s state title hot rod show still circulating in the short term cells and the subconscious guilt that I have not worked hard on the coupe for some weeks and the conscious urge to drive the coupe again, next Saturday is ear marked for pulling the small block Chev out of the Willys coupe. p1030723.JPGDont forget to have a look at Cyberhotrodders Events Gallery for photos from the show. Click here!Yanking the motor out has been on the to-do list for some months. After sitting around for several years, the rear main seal has decided to leak significantly. It is also a good time to replace all of the main and big end bearings and piston rings,  not to mention putting in the new cam I bought two years that has the promise of better low end torque to assist the new 9″ diff ‘s tall gears.  Also, now that the coupe is going to run purely on LPG, I will get the head recond and new exhaust valves and seats fitted that will be more suited for this fuel type.Having the motor waiting for this rebuild has also stalled refitting the front panels to the car. An inportant rebuild milestone.With summer approaching, the temperatures will again be ideal for squirting the last coats of laquer on the front panels. The coupe will then be on the downhill run to the finishing line.I have also planned to go on a popular rod run next Sunday to Yanchep National Park, which is located an hour or so north of Perth.  Rod runs have been a rarity for me since the coupe has been off the road. Besides getting me out of the house, it will  inspire me further to power onwards with the coupe’s rebuild.  I am also going there to take a heap of photos for the Cyberhotrodders Events  Gallery, so check that out next week.Catch you soon,Eric.

Volvo, My Hot Rodding Paradox

volvo-rubbish-2-cropped.JPGI have been an active hot rodder for over 30 years. I have a confession to make. Although I cannot work out how it happened, I also own a Volvo.  What’s more, when overlooking the poor power to weight ratio of the earlier models, I am in awe of their mechanical design. Nothing tricky, just that they go for ever, don’t leak, and are a breeze to work on.  I have developed a thick skin over it. I score layers of ridicule and jest from my hot rodding peers about this choice of street hack.  Even so, I have replaced my old 500,000 mile Swedish Chick Magnet with another one.   Is that a hot rodding sin?

Well, Who Am I

My name is Eric.  I live near Perth in Western Australia.  By day I manage an Electronic Assembly Company. By night and on weekends I try and squeeze in all the things my actual life span won’t eventually allow, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I am also a hair loss expert.  I have lost most of it.  Turning 50 didn’t come quick enough, I can almost justify the shiny helmut.  Appearances cover the 28 year old person that lurks within. I have found most rodders are like this. They think and act well below there  accrued ages. I have a three fantastic daughters who grew up around my hot rodding hobby. Travelling long distances in a rumble seat never did anyone any harm. Ask me, I have done it too. I have two grand kids.I am currently doing a correspondence Ecommerce course. While I can get around every-day computer software, the ins and outs of web commerce are a huge extension to my computing knowledge. This blog  and the project are just a part of the story. My hobbies include firstly hot rodding,  followed by doing anything creative.I am a DIY hot rod builder.  This is my main creative outlet.I have also built my own brick house from scratch.  Brick laying, plumbing, wiring, tiling, painting, roofing, carpentry, window resoration, and paving.  A proud achievement. Thanks to my family for their patience. Living in a shed was a character building experience. (more…)