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Who is Eric the Hot Rodder?

My name is Eric.  I live in the Land of Oz, Down Under.

By day I manage an Electronic Assembly Company. By night and on weekends I try and squeeze in all the things my actual life span won’t eventually allow, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I am also a hair loss expert.  I have lost most of it.  Turning 50 didn’t come quick enough, I can almost justify the shiny helmut.  Appearances cover the 28 year old monster that lurks within. I have found most rodders are like this. They think and act well below there  accrued ages.

I have a three fantastic daughters who grew up around my hot rodding hobby. Travelling long distances in a rumble seat never did anyone any harm. Ask me, I have done it too. I have two grand kids.

I am currently doing a correspondence Ecommerce course. While I can get around every-day computer software, the ins and outs of web commerce are a huge extension to my computing knowledge. This blog  and the project are just a part of the story.

My hobbies include firstly hot rodding,  followed by doing anything creative.
I am a DIY hot rod builder.  This is my main creative outlet.
I have also built my own brick house from scratch.  Brick laying, plumbing, wiring, tiling, painting, roofing, carpentry, window resoration, and paving.  A proud achievement. Thanks to my family for their patience. Living in a shed was a character building experience.

I try to keep an above-slob level of fitness. Kayaking is my fitness thing these days. It is ideal when leg injuries, from other pursuits, no longer allow running activites. More and more older people are doing it for this reason.  More on Kayaking another day.

I publish a monthly magazine called the “Klaxon” for the West Coast Street Rod Club which is based in Perth, Western Australia. I have been a member of the club for more than 32 years.

My current hot rod is a 1939 Willys Coupe. I first purchased it in 1974  as a basket case  for $30.  It was registered in 1981 and immediately driven nearly 2,000 miles to the hot rod Nationals. I went from there on a working holiday up the east coast of Australia for another nine months and returned home with 19,000 miles on the clock.  In 1994 I pulled it off the road for a complete rebuild. As a daily driver, along with my 34 Plymouth sedan that I owned at the same time, it was getting a bit tatty.  Today it sits in the shed awaiting my attention as I embark on my new project and education of web site and blog building. 

 The Willys only has a few months of work to do before completion and licensing again. Being a DIY  guy, this rebuild I have done the total car myself including upholstery and paint, chassis, electricals  and motor rebuild. I had a small hand from a couple of club members with the panel beating.

I have a partially rebuilt 1956 Buick Super Convertible which is another project in the shed. A salt lake racer and an electric car are other notions festering in the cranium too.

I live in a rural area on seven acres of cleared land.  After returning daily from the rat race in the city, it is so enjoyable and worth the drive.Only the sound of birds and occassional car passing in the distance spoils the peace. (until I get into the shed and start work). The acreage allows me to have a large shed in which I can create,  store my projects and keep my tools etc. I am far enough from my neighbours not to annoy them with necessary noises of creation and industry.

That’s me in a nutshell or maybe in a nuthouse?


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