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About Cyber Hot Rodders

p1020794.JPGThis is all about the wonderful sport or hobby of Hot Rodding.34plymth.JPG
A vehicular interest of many facets.
A remainder-of-life  hobby to most who dig below the surface of it and a whole lifestyle for the totally addicted.

Cyber hot rodders.
Cyber hot rodders is an internet based club for all hot rodders and enthusiasts.
It is worldwide and for anyone. There are no boundaries. Distance and time do not separate us.
We are not separated by roads, oceans or the price of fuel. We will not be snowed in.

p1020784.JPGCyber hot rodders is for members of real clubs, individual lone wolfs, builders and buyers, streeters, racers, saltys and show ponies.
It is also for people who just love it but not involved at all, or for those with some oil in their veins just looking for a great hobby.

The www.cyberhotrodders.codave-duncan-roadster1.jpgm website will feature anything at all about hot rodding. Tech tips, letters, features, events, readers rods, anecdotes, scale models etc.
Because I am only here at my desk in my town, all readers and members of Cyberhotrodders will be welcome to contribute what ever they wish to the newsletter. It will be a truly global hot rod magazine as never seen before. The possibilities are very exciting.

Are you interested? Want to be a foundation member? Want to be a contributor? Then email me some info about yourself. Send some photos and descriptions and we will be up and running.

Please send to

and I will do the rest.

Remember, it is a work in progress so don’t bust use your clicking finger trying to get there just yet.

Stay well….
Global Rodder Eric. 

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