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Welcome to our Hot Rodding site.

This is the home page  for the Cyber Hot Rodder Community.Future features will be a forum,  shop, tech tips,  newsletter and more. Right  now you can check out the Blog dsc00129.JPGarticles and the Photo Gallery  clicking on this link!p1010261.JPGHave a look at the About Cyber Hot Rodders page.   It explains the concept about the cyber hot rod phenomenon.Also have a look at theA Hot Rodders Blog page.   I aim to make the entries  humorous, interesting and informative. A blog from the perspective of a hot rodder.Bookmark this site and check it out from time to time.Cheers,  Eric  Warren …….  hunter-coupe-std-size.JPGp1010258.JPGjulie-olivers-a-pi.JPG

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