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Klaxon Special Edition 200 Is Out Now.


The January – February 2011 Klaxon has been released from the vault.
It is full of recent summer time events from the west coast of Oz and has more pictures than a 5 sets of baseball cards.
Edition 200 has taken since March 1973 to arrive and burned out several editors along the way, but it is here. It has been chipped out of stone, painted on cave walls, typed onto ink stencils and danced from the keyboards of modern computers.

Navigate the menu to the left and down load it automatically in PDF format. Once it is on your computer or other modern gadget, use your PDF viewer to magnify it and get an even better look.


Extreme E

Eric Warren.

September Show Time Special Klaxon Out Now.

Klaxon coverBetter late than never! The September monthly , oops, quarterly Klaxon is now available in the Magazine Rack for your perusal.
It contains millions of photos of recent events so it will take a bit longer than usual to download. Be patient.
This edition covers two hot rod shows, a TAC inspection day, the ASRF Salvo’s Xmas hamper run and the GoodFellas’ Yanchep Rod Run.
Find the download from the menu on the left hand side. Find Klaxon under the Magazine Rack link.


Extreme E.

Eric Warren.

The August 2010 KLAXON, fuel for the rodder’s soul.

The August Klaxon appeareth to brighten the last remaining weeks of wintery August (southern hemisphere).
Read about the TAC forum, the Longshaw Memorial Run, Rods at the July TAC inspection and more.
Use the menu on the left to see this and the previous 55 editions of the Klaxons.
For some reason only known to someone other than me, this smaller edition is in fact a bigger file so be patient while it is down loading. Get it started and go and eat a cake.

So until next month’s mega rod show coverage edition,

Extreme E – Editor.
Eric Warren

July 2010 KLAXON is out now!

The only Klaxon for this month of this year is now out and available for your immediate educated perusal.
This edition features the Super Model Car Sunday show, two members’ project cars, the WCSRC AGM and of course the spine tingling editorial.
You can get it by wading through the menu to the left. BUT.. beware if you are using Google Chrome and a late version of Adobe reader.. It will have errors during the down load.
You must use Internet Explorer as your browser. This will give you a 100% result and spiritual fulfillment.

If you want an automatic email reminder when the next edition is out, send your name, city/country and email address to .
Click and enjoy.

Extreme E.
Eric Warren.

Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon June edition out now!

In the depth of a cold local Winter, a spark of warm joy enters our life by way of the June 2010 edition of the Klaxon.
This month’s edition features information and photos from the Wintersun Festival in Coolangatta, a local pizza night, the annual Peter Dawson Memorial Run to Dwellingup and a glance at the most recent Crankster’s Winter Madness II event. At this years event they make huge inroads into the construction of a 57 Chevy in just 3 days. Naturally there is even more.

Down load the June edition, or any of the previous dozens of editions by going to the menu at the left.

Enter the rodder poll on page one.
Are rat rods the bee’s knees or the ultimate expression of laziness?

The Klaxon is the monthly magazine of the West Coast Street Rod Club inc based in Perth Western Australia, and proudly brought to you by the letters E and W.


Extreme E
Eric Warren

Klaxon May 2010 Edition is Hot Off The Digital Press

The May 2010 edition of the Klaxon is ready to download and enjoy.
klaxon May cover

This month we cover the League of Nations Rod Run, The Pre 48 Hot Rod Rumble No2 and West Coast Street Rod Club’s Moondyne Festival Rod Run to Toodyay.
Again, plenty of colour photographs to enjoy.

If you wish to receive a reminder email when each new edition is available, send your name and email address to

Work your way on the menu to the left to download this and any of over 50 previous editions of the Klaxon Magazine.

The Klaxon is the official magazine of West Coast Street Rod Club inc based in Perth, Western Australia.

Eric Warren
Extreme E – Editor.

Busselton Sandgroper Run Souvenir Edition Klaxon

Klaxon Cover April 2010The collectors edition Klaxon featuring the 2010 ASRF Sandgroper Nationals, held over Easter at Busselton, is now available for your super immersive enjoyment.
There is near a million photos in pdf format so that you can magnify them for easier viewing. (maybe not a million, but lots)

Also featured, is the midweek 160Km / 100 mile cruise to Cunderdin to meet Norm Hardinge’s Kick Ass Factory Cruise from the eastern states.

A week after the Nationals, Early Wheels Street Rod Club held a tourism cruise for the benefit of Eastern States rodders still about Perth.
The organizers were totally surprised by the fantastic 74 car rollup. Read all about it in this month’s Klaxon.
Simply use the menu to the left to navigate yourself to this and the previous 52 editions of the Klaxon.

The Klaxon is the official publication of West Coast Street Rod Club.
Enjoy the ride.
Eric Warren.

March KLAXON with Pipeline Cruise report is out now.

March 2010 Klaxon Magazine
The March 2010 edition Klaxon magazine is now available to download and enjoy and it’s free.
This edition features the Northam Vintage Swap Meet and the Crankster’s Pipeline Cruise to Mundaring.
As usual, it’s packed full of photos and it’s in PDF format so you can enlarge it all for a good close look.
Depending on your internet speed, you will need to wait a minute or so to download all of the pictures.
The fat fendered cars take longer to squeeze down the wires and if you have a wireless connection, keep your head low while they are downloading.
If you want future reminders when new editions are available, send your name and email address to

Select the Klaxon option on the menu to the left and then select the edition that you wish to read. There are 51 editions available.

Eric Warren

Bumper February 2010 Klaxon is out now!

The February 2010 Klaxon is totally free and is available now to read from this website.
Select Klaxon from the left hand tool bar and download the latest or any of the previous 49 klaxon editions.
Loaded with stacks of photos, it will take a minute or so to down load, so get a drink or do your nails after you make your selection and it will be ready to read in vivid colours, when you are.

Being summer time there are lots of events featured this month. Download and enjoy them. The best free hot rod magazine in the whole world.
Extreme E.

Bring in 2010 with a dose of Klaxon. Jan Edition ready now.

jan_2010_cover.JPG No holding back now. A new year dawns with plenty to do. There are plenty of new hot rod projects starting this year, possibly even a new one for me.
The excitement of the approaching local Australian Regional Hot Rod Nationals, to be held on the coast at Busselton, is increasing while last minute preparations and rod building is being done for the Easter event.
Being the most isolated capital city in the world and over 2000 miles from most of the country’s population (Australia), having over 85 interstate rodders entered in the event, is fantastic for the organizers and a great commitment by the entrants. It takes two reasonable days of daylight driving (~1500Kms) just to reach the border of the next state. Travelling at night is risky with plenty of large animals waiting to be hit. I am brimming with excitement and looking forward to Easter. I haven’t had a hot rod at a major or regional nationals since 1994, where I had the Willys coupe and my 34 Plymouth sedan entered. Where did that time go?

Meanwhile, more immediate excitement can be had by sitting back, down loading and reading the latest Klaxon magazine.
Simply navigate the menus to the left and select the edition or editions you wish to read.
If you didn’t receive an email to advise you that the January 2010 edition is now available, send your email address to and you will receive notification in the future.
Eric Warren
Extreme E.

December Klaxon Bulging with Rodding Reports

cover_dec_2009.png Nothing goes faster than two weeks holiday over Christmas. Next thing I know it is January 2010 and you haven’t even had your last 2009 Klaxon yet… sorry… editorial holidays away from the computer.
The December 2009 edition is now available for your perusal. It is full of great events like the Yanchep Run, The Armadale Auto Parts Show n Shine and heaps more.
You can download it by working down the menu at the left.
If you know anyone who would like a future Klaxon reminder too, tell them to email their email address to
I hope 2010 is a ripper year for you.
All the best,
Eric warren.

November Klaxon with the latest rodding news.

Klaxon November
The November 2009 edition of the Klaxon is now available for your enjoyment, in scintillating, breath taking colour.
This month’s edition covers the WCSRC Mindarie Keys show’n’shine, the show’n’shines at Guilderton and Woodridge that were organised by Jeff Hitchins, the October TAC inspection, the rodders’ breakfast organised by Judy and Dexter Taylor and more.
You can get it from the menu bar on the left.
Also, leave a comment or suggestions in the Guest Book if you have a spare moment.
I am also looking to anyone who can who can supply me with some photos of the upcoming Armadale Auto Parts Open Day, for inclusion in the next Klaxon, as I won’t be able to get there. Call me on 0400 1939 09 or email me at

Enjoy the Klaxon.

Eric Warren

Woo Hoo! October 2009 Klaxon is out.. have a read.

oct_2009_cover.png The October 2009 KLAXON is now available.
This month features Jimbo’s Breakfast, September TAC checks and Guilderton Rod Run. Heaps of colour shots.
The KLAXON is the monthly newsletter of West Coast Street Rod Club based in Perth, Western Australia.
Down load it via the menu in the left side bar.

News Flash ! Ben Forster T Coupe Licensed

Ben Forster’s T coupe, that was mostly built up in one weekend,
has been licensed and is now getting ready to attend John’Picnic Run and the Bright rod runs in Victoria.
You can buy the DVD of the weekend build up, filmed by Vicki and Norm Hardinge, from The Kick Ass Factory
(0425 734 078 or or from Alan at Armadale Auto Parts Unit 7, 23 Gillam Drive Kelmscott, WA 6111
Phone (08) 9495 1932 / Fax (08) 9495 1935 or email

Super Show Special Klaxon OUT NOW!

Klaxon September 2009 The September Klaxon is available now. This month’s edition covers the Western Australian State Title Hot Rod Show held at Burswood and the West Coast Street Rod Club Father’s Day Show held in Fremantle. Please note that this is a bumper photo edition, so it will take an extra while to down load after selecting it from the menu in the left side bar.
If you want to receive an email advising when the next edition is available, either send your details to or enter them in the Guest Book and you will be kept advised. Now go to the menu on the left and read as many Klaxons as you wish… well only the last 45 at this point. Earlier editions coming soon.